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Make a Plan

The 2020 Census counts every person living in the 50 states, District of Columbia, and five U.S. territories. Census 2020 requires one completed form from every dwelling. You and your roommates need to determine who will fill out the form and how they will get the necessary information.

Note: This applies only to students who live in off-campus housing. If you live in a University-owned facility (e.g., dorm, residence hall), you need not complete the Census.

Here is a plan you can enact right now!

Step 1:

If you are still in your unit, check the mail for the postcard or letter from the Census Bureau with your 12 digit code which should arrive between March 12-27. If you are not there currently, or haven't received it, you can complete the census online with a few additional steps to verify your address. 

Step 2: 

Designate one roommate to complete the form.   

Step 3: 

Each roommate should fill out a sample Census (pdf) and give the information to the person who is completing the actual Census.  

Step 4:

Get your 12 digit code from your census mailing or just go online to my2020census.gov. Use the information from each roommate’s sample Census to accurately complete the form.

Remember! Without student participation in the Census, Minnesota can lose federal funding and representation.


What if I Live in a U of M owned dorm, residence hall, or apartment?

Congratulations! You don’t have to do anything. The University will be counting you.

What do I do if I live off-campus in a non-University owned property?

Students who live in off-campus housing - such as a rental apartment or house – need to respond to the census themselves. The University will not complete the 2020 Census questionnaire for them, and they should not count on their landlord to fill it out either. You can find more information about housing on the Census 2020 website.

What if my parents counted me at home due to the COVID-19 situation?

You should still fill out the census with your roommate(s) if you live(d) in non-University owned housing most of the spring semester. If you live(d) in the residence halls, you will be submitted by Housing & Residential Life. The census will run reports to find duplicate information and the enumerators go through the error reports and then make a determination which record should retain the entry. If it is not clear to them, they may follow up with a phone call (or in-person visit if social distancing restrictions are lifted).

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