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UMN 1001: Your introduction to the University


The University of Minnesota system touches all corners of the State of Minnesota, with a presence in each of our state's 87 counties. There is much to know, and much more to explore.

We encourage you to utilize the videos and tools below to learn about our budget and finances, our research enterprise, and other topics you may find helpful in your work.

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J.D. Burton
Chief Government Relations Officer

Capital Request

MNtersections: Partnerships for Innovation

Our state’s challenges and opportunities intersect with university strengths.

University Budget

Join Julie Tonneson, associate vice president and budget director, for a brief overview of the University of Minnesota's revenues and expenditures.

Capital Planning

Join Mike Berthelsen, Vice President for University Services to learn more about the tools and process used to develop the University's capital request and the magnitude and impact of the University's Deferred Facility Renewal.

HEAPR Funding

Join Brian Swanson, Assistant Vice President of University Services, as he provides an overview of Higher Education Asset Preservation and Replacement (HEAPR) funding, how the University of Minnesota prioritizes projects for its HEAPR request, and annual reporting on HEAPR projects funded by the legislature.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition makes up around $1 billion dollars of University of Minnesota's revenue, or approximately a quarter of the overall budget. Join Lincoln Kallsen, Assistant Vice President for Institutional Analysis, for an overview of the University of Minnesota’s tuition and fees.


Research is fundamental to the University of Minnesota’s mission and is a key driver of innovation and economic growth in the state. Join Chris Cramer, Vice President for Research, for an overview of research at the University of Minnesota, including rankings, awards, innovations, startups, and technology commercialization.


The University has two endowments: the central endowment and the foundation endowment. Join Sarah Youngerman, Vice President for the University of Minnesota Foundation, to learn how these endowments are managed and restricted.

Reserves and Cash Balances

Join Michael Volna, associate vice president for finance & assistant chief financial officer for an overview of the University’s budget reserves, cash balances, and endowments.

COVID-19 Federal Funding

Julie Tonneson, associate vice president and budget director, presents an overview of COVID-19 federal funding. Read more about COVID-19 federal funding.

Gopher Athletics Financing

Join Rhonda McFarland, deputy athletics director and chief financial officer for Gopher Athletics, for an overview of Gopher Athletics financing.