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Your voice will help today's students become tomorrow's leaders

As we enter the end of the academic school year across our campuses, it's also the time of year when legislators in St. Paul are making decisions about investing in improving the state's infrastructure, including the 29 million square feet maintained by the U of M.

The University has requested $238.5 million in funds to renovate our facilities across the state. These are not new buildings, but rather a renewal of existing facilities and spaces to preserve and enhance what we already have.

The University is grateful for the investments proposed by the governor and, more recently, by the legislature. However, we would like to increase the Higher Education Asset Preservation and Replacement (HEAPR) amounts in the House and Senate bills. HEAPR funds repair our roofs, HVAC, and accessibility for our facilities along with other important updates. It is a critical need, ensuring students have safe, warm, and dry learning environments.

The session comes to a close in under two weeks. We are asking University alumni, students, and supporters to lend their voice to this debate by making a final pitch to your legislators and Governor Dayton on behalf of the University of Minnesota. This could be the final push, and hearing from constituents is often the difference between success and failure at the State Capitol.

Option one is to send a tweet. State leaders are often on Twitter looking for news or updates from voters when they are listening to debates on bills. If you would like to send a tweet, we have created a very easy page where you can select and send tweets that support the University of Minnesota.

Tweet Here

Option two is to send an email. Our system shows you a pre-written email that you can send, modify, or rewrite entirely. Even if you don't know who represents you, the system will find your lawmakers after you enter your address. None of your information is distributed to any third parties.

Email Here

On behalf of the University of Minnesota, thank you for your willingness to help at the legislature in the final days of session. Our renovated facilities will ensure that our students, faculty, and staff have the best in modern learning environments to become the leaders, health providers, entrepreneurs, and creators of the future.


JD Burton, Chief Government Relations Officer, University of Minnesota

J.D. Burton
Chief Government Relations Officer
University of Minnesota

P.S. Your support is greatly appreciated by the 225,000 University of Minnesota graduates who went to work today. The University is Minnesota's economic engine, contributing $8.6 billion to the economy each year. State support helps ensure that students are ready to take on the challenges of tomorrow.