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UMN Advocates engages students, alumni, faculty, and community members to build a stronger U of M for years to come. Explore the ways you can advocate for the University of Minnesota.

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Becoming an advocate allows you to receive the latest updates on what's happening at the capitol in St. Paul and Washington D.C. and how it affects the University of Minnesota. By joining UMN Advocates, you help support the University of Minnesota by making your voice heard. 

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Take Action

Let your elected officials know that you support the University of Minnesota. Tell your story about how the University of Minnesota makes a positive difference in your life or the life of someone you care about.

Take Action


A thoughtful email illustrating a personal story often makes a great impression.

  • Find your legislator.
  • Tell your story:
    • Why the U of M?
    • How are you making Minnesota a better place?
    • What are some obstacles that you have experienced?
    • Keep the tone positive and courteous.
    • Indicate that you would appreciate a reply.


Tweeting legislators is a surprisingly effective method of communication.

  • Find the Twitter handles of your elected officials and tag them to say hello, share your opinion, or ask a question.
  • Think about including any relevant hashtags that may be available.
  • And don't forget that a positive and courteous tone applies to social media too.
Phone Call

Calling your lawmaker is quick and easy. The vast majority of the time you will leave a message. Go to to get your Senator or Representative's contact information.

When you call, give your name and express your thoughts. Stay positive and let the lawmaker know why the University of Minnesota is important to you. When they call you back, don't be intimidated. Simply have a conversation and remind them that you are a voter, the University is important to you, and ask them to support the U!


Visiting your lawmakers in-person is a great way to connect and make your voice heard face-to-face. Set up a meeting and tell your lawmaker your story.


The opinion page is a widely read section of the newspaper. Letters to the editor are often saved by elected officials and can indicate to opinion leaders that an issue is on the public's mind. Even a few letters throughout Minnesota can spur increased news coverage and renewed attention.

Your story is a powerful way to bring to life your support for the University of Minnesota. Feel free to mention the broad importance of the U of M, but be sure to talk about your personal connection as well.

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Make your voice heard by registering to vote and participating in local and federal elections.

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