FY20-21 Biennial Budget Request

Biennial Budget Requests

View the 2020-21 Biennial Budget Request (PDF)

The 2019 higher education budget bill provided $43.5 million in new funding in FY20-21 for the University of Minnesota. 

View a comparison of the proposals and outcome. 

Strengthen Minnesota’s future skilled workforce

  • Ensure our students receive top quality education and advising by recruiting and retaining talented faculty and staff
  • Continue efforts to increase college affordability and access for all Minnesota students by supporting the University’s core needs
  • Improve retention and graduation rates by investing in student services including mental health services, tutoring, and academic support
  • Prepare students for future workforce needs by providing modern technology infrastructure critical to 21st century learning

Strengthen research to drive Minnesota's economy

  • Advance innovation and new technologies by investing in core research infrastructure (i.e., facilities, equipment, systems)
  • Address annual cost increases in areas related to laboratory health and safety
  • Attract and retain world-renowned researchers to continue groundbreaking discoveries benefiting Minnesota’s economy

Strengthen outreach to Minnesota communities

  • Invest in statewide initiatives addressing local challenges
  • Maintain U of M core facilities in communities across the state
  • Enhance targeted programs serving Minnesotans

FY 2020: $30 million 
FY 2021: $27 million 
Biennial total: $87 million

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