FY22-23 Biennial Budget Request

Biennial Budget Requests

FY22-23 Biennial Budget Request (PDF)

*The biennial total is calculated by adding the first fiscal year’s request to the first and second fiscal years’ request: FY22 + (FY22 + FY23)

This is the lowest increase in the base requested by the University in more than 20 years.

Strong U. Strong MN.

From STEM education and vaccine development, through veterinary medicine and our work on rural mental health – the University’s value for Minnesota has never been higher.

Biennial Budget Request

The University of Minnesota’s biennial budget request aligns with the University’s new Systemwide Strategic Plan: MPACT 2025. It is responsibly sized, strategic, and accountable.

Committed to and Inspired by Minnesotans

Inspired by Minnesotans, MPACT 2025 and the biennial budget request reflects our commitment to world-class teaching, research, and service, undertaken in the spirit of the University’s land-grant mission to equitably create access and innovation at home and with a global impact.

The biennial budget request will support the University’s key strategic priorities, including:
• Reduce financial barriers to student achievement
• Increase discovery, innovation, and technology commercialization
• Prioritize student research opportunities and advance workforce outcomes
• Recruit and retain diverse students, faculty, and staff • Increase efficiency in all aspects of operations


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